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It only started with my endless search of a simple wide-brimmed straw hat over a decade ago. The hunt led me to the hat factory operating over fifth generations near Tokyo (where I am originally from), in Kasukabe, where it has a long history of farming natural wheat straw and producing the items.
Quickly, I acknowledged their craftsmanship and dedication over 140 years; I started designing and making straw hats in collaboration.  The first piece was a small boater hat, which still stays as our best seller, Vivien the boater.  I named my small business after traditional trimming for the hats, Grosgrain. 
It has been my passion to create something beautiful and thoroughly hand-crafted, which brings joy to wear every time you touch.  I feel my urge to preserve the genuine and ethical hat-making process and introduce them widely to the world market.
We choose only fine quality handwoven materials ethically sourced from China. Each pieces are hand sewn individually with the highest standard of Japanese craftsmanship.   Natural wheat straw hats are not only aesthetic but very breathable, light-weight and comfortable to wear. Customers are amazed how long-lasting they are comparing to any synthetic materials, and they are biodegradable, too.  Our hats are made for the people who mindfully chose the way minimise its impact to the environment.  

I hope our collections brings you joy and brightens up your day just a little bit and will stay as your long lasting favourite.  
Grosgrain Director
Mina Maeda
last updated April 2022.
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