5 ideas to show our gratitude to mum

Mother's day Gift

Happy Mother's day is approaching!  

Here are the 5 ideas to thank our mother.  I hope it helps to get some inspirations.  


1. Spend some time with your mum.  

When was the last time you called your mother? Or invited her to a dinner?  Can you visit her sometime soon?  Just spend some time with her and chat over a cup of tea would be lovely way to show your affection and gratitude! 


2. Try to do something you can help her. 

The other day my mother desperately asked me to purchase a specific medicine for her cats online.  Searching, finding and clicking to buy things online are sometime too complicated for some people if they are not used to.   Maybe you can even change a light bulb on the ceiling or take unneeded things to op-shop, tidy up her house up a bit, or help her with technologies such as tablets and phones. 


3. Write a letter or card.

It is always a delight o have a letter mailed in your post!  My daughter looks in to the mail post every single day.  Why not to your mother?  An actual letter tells a lot more than just a text. 


4. Show that you care to listen to her. 

Having a little conversation is so important to express that you care about the person.   It is a kind thing to make a call without any errands just to ask her how she is.  We can do that over a cup of tea, or inviting her a dinner, too.


5. Send a special caring gift to her. 

Let's make it personal.  What is her favourite colour? Let's use that colour for the hat ribbon. ( we are happy to make a custom trimming)  Have she worn any hat with a wide brim or short brim?  Does she like something fancy, rather than simple?  If you are at a loss, we have your back with a giftcard and let her choose what she like.  Please do not hesitate to ask us, we are happy to be helpful to choose the right hat in the right size.   

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