Arranging your hats makes your days brighter.

Do you enjoy your hat as it is?  If you arrange it in your way, I am sure that you will enjoy and start to love it more.  I would like to introduce couple of tips today. 

A wide brimmed boater hat "Amal" has long strap ribbons on the sides.  You can tie the ribbon on the back or under your chin.  

It is a true classic straw boater hat I adore.  




1, Simply, change the ribbon!

The black ribbon can be pulled out easily, so you can swap to whatever ribbons you have or you imagine.  

 You would be surprised how the ribbon can alter the hat completely into new style.  I used vintage transparent delicate ribbon for this one.  

Black is sometime too classy.  You can swap to lighter colour, such as cream, or beige, it makes the hat lighter, more casual, and summerly.  


2,  Add your scarves.  

The ribbon can be altered by scarves as well.  I tried vintage Vera Wang silk scarf for this one.  This scarf is 55cm square, you can still tie on the back or under the chin.  It would be certainly nice to use longer scarves, too.



3,  Just pull the ribbon out and add something else.

You can certainly do that.  It makes the hat more natural and plain.  Then, adding broaches is one way.  Fabric flowers would be gorgeous.  Use vintage hat pins.  Feathers are just right.   





Feather hat pin 




4, Why not natural leaves or floweres?

My daugther always tries to stick some flowers or leaves to my hat, and I love it.





I hope you will enjoy the arranging your hats as much as the way they are.

Post and share with me if you come up with stunning ideas.  


Have a lovely day!!



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