Perfect Boater for this Summer 2022

Classic Boater Fred

Looking for the right hat for this summer?

Here is some advice on how to choose a boater hat in a variety of grosgrain.

Boater is:

A hat that is stiffly starched and shaped a flat top and a flat brim.  It started to be called boater because it was worn by Venetian gondola operators.

Originally made as a semi-formal hat for men, it was favoured by Coco Chanel, who take it into women's fashion.

The width of the brim and the depth of the crown vary by purposes and occasions. 


Summer hats have three main roles.

1,  Hats for avoiding the sunlight

2, Hats for fashionable purposes

3,  Basic hats that can be worn every day.


Let us talk about how to choose the one suits you from Grosgrain hats according to your own needs.

1,I want to avoid the sun thoroughly.

A hat with a brim of 10 cm or more will cover not only your face but also your décolleté and the back of your neck, giving you peace of mind.

Grosgrain hats with a brim longer than 10 cm are currently

Amal (12cm), Kate (12.5cm), Mocha Sheryl (13cm), and Pink Boater (13cm).

We will show you one by one.


Amal White Ribbon


Amal is a wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon that can be tied behind the neck or under the chin by letting it through the slits on both sides of the brim.

The ribbon can be easily replaced with your own scarf or other material. (For more information, please see this article.)

The 12cm wide brim is practical enough to protect you from the strong summer sun, also the ribbon is more than just a practical but works well for a statement.

Amal comes in natural colour and black colour.

Amal Black Boater Hat with chin strap ribbon

Amal Black  Black straw boater hat Amal black gives a more elegant impression.

Amal Black is more dressy and elegant than the natural wheat.

Those who prefer a softer, yet more casual look should choose the natural colour, while those who want to take advantage of the chic look should choose black.

Another useful point is that black straw hats can be worn well from early spring and early fall.

Kate is a boater with a shallow crown. It is a headpiece type hat with an elastic and two combs on the inside, and it does not sit deep on the head, but sits on top of the head.

Inspired by Victorian women's fashion, it is also called a saucer hat because of its thinness.

It is light and comfortable to wear, and can be placed on head without worrying about our hair style, and the angle can be freely changed with an elastic or comb.

For those who often wear their hair up, this hat is easy to use because it can be worn at any angle regardless of the size of the head.

Kate Shallow Boater

Kate Shallow boater hat

Kate Shallow Boater

The lightness of Kate's is also its charm.


2Fashionable purposed hats

You want to avoid the sun, you also want it to be a statement in your styling.

If you are looking for such a unique wide-brimmed boater, a coloured boater is our recommendation.

The Mocha Cheryl and Pink Boater are each made of colour-dyed straw.

The Mocha Sheryl is made of beige and natural coloured straw, while the Pink Boater is made of two colours of pink straw.


When choosing a colored hat, think of an outfit that is more numerous in your wardrobe.

If you choose one color from your outfit and wear it, it will blend in nicely.


Mocha Cheryl Boater

Mocha Cheryl 

If you wear white, black, beige, gray, or other monochromatic colors with a hat as an accent, the colored hat will play a leading role in the styling and enhance the overall look.

(Imagine English wedding or any Racing events where everyone is wearing a colourful hat to match their outfits. Recommended for those who want to take full advantage of the power of hats.



Pink Boater Hat

Pink boater paired with a white shirt.


As of June 2022, the hats that are selling the best this season in our online store are Vivien Black.

This is another hat with strong fashionable uses.

Like Kate, it has an elastic and two combs  inside, and the elastic can be turned to the back of the head and the hat can be placed easily on the head tilted, or straight.

The brim is not-too-wide (5 cm), but it casts a sufficient shadow around the eyes, it certainly serves the purpose of protecting you from the sun.

The black straw type is more classy than the natural type, and is useful for add stylish vibe to the coordination.  


Shallow Boater Vivien Black

Vivien Black


Shallow Boater Vivien

This small headpiece plays great role in styling 


Classic Boater Niki

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, take a look of Niki, which is made with a classical hand-woven braid called "ogimugi" (ogre-straw) .

Classical braids are thicker and stiffer therefore it keeps its shape beautifully.  Also it has a three-dimensional texture than regular straw 




You can clearly see the difference in this photo comparing Classical straw braids (right) and fine wheat straw braids (left).  

In comparison, classical braids are thicker and stiffer. The fine wheat straw braids are softer and more flexible.

Neither of these hats can be folded, and it is made to keep its shape.  

The grosgrain ribbon wrapped around the hat is a combination of two different colored ribbons of different widths. 

If you are wearing a statement hat, it is best to keep the colour and pattern of your clothes simple.  The hat can simply elevate the overall class of the outfit.




3,Standard-type hats worn every day


For the people who prefer practicality over fashion and want to wear their hats as a staple for many years to come,  we recommend Fred the boater.

Fred the boater

Fred, a classic wide-brimmed  boater 

This hat has a balance that both men and women can easily get used to. (it meant to be a unisex boater )

It it one of the most long-selling grosgrain hats.


It features a wide brim (approx. 8 cm) that can be worn by both women and men in a well-balanced manner and a deep crown (approx. 9 cm) that can hold the head firmly in place.

The size is also more relaxed than normal sizes, so it is recommended for those who usually have trouble finding a suitable hat.

(Larger size than 60cm is also available in size L.)


Fred the boater

The ribbon is a black 38mm ribbon with a plain bow on the left side.

The black ribbon is a simple choice that enables you to wear without hesitation with any summer outfit, everyday.   (It is of course possible to order the ribbon in any colour you wish.)

Because it is a simple shape, we want it to be special about the material.


Grosgrain straw hats are made from the finest of wheat, so they have a delicate appearance and do not look too casual when worn with semi-formal clothes such as linen suits, jackets, and dresses.  

Skilled craftsmanship is essential for sewing fine straw braids together.

We are confident in the quality of our hats and that they will serve you for a long time.


Why the Boater is good for Summer?

The crown of a boater hat creates a space for around the head, which allows for better ventilation.

Straw hats are made of natural breathing material. The space between the head and the hat allows steam to escape.

You will be surprised how cool and comfortable a hat made of natural material. 

The boater hat had started as a semi-formal hat therefore unlike round farm look straw hats, it can add a touch of class to an outfit.

It is a good choice for both men and women who want to wear hats in a fashionable and practical way.

We hope you will find the perfect hat for you by referring to this article.


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