Ladies in Adelaide, this real tailor boutique is for you. Just renewal opened!

alpha beta gamma, beautiful tailor made boutique by Rosalia Vari has moved to Myrtle Bank and renewal opened.

alpha beta gamma in Myrtle Bank

Rosalia Vari in Myrtle Bank

blight and vivid atmosphere


It is a spacious renovated store, there is a fitting room which customers can consult while they are looking at beautiful fabrics! 

alpha beta gamma fitting room

I am so honoured to deliver a couple of autumn felt pieces to this store. A brown crochet, a black felt wide-brimmed boater, a gray felt down-brim hat has been delivered and they are stocked now. 

Autumn felt hat pieces in alpha beta gamma

autumn felt hats and Rosalia's wardrobe

If you are having special formal party, weddings, christening...  this is the place you can trust and rely on for real tailor-made dresses in Adelaide, Australia.  Obviously we do not have those specialised women's tailor here in Adelaide, do we? 

Surely, this boutique is not only about those special occasions.  You just walk in there, then realise how meticulously beautifully those dresses are made. 

alpha beta gamma

464 Fullarton Rd. Myrtle Bank, SA 

I posted a reel here to look further what the shop looks like.  :

If you are interested to look at a particular piece from Grosgrain or if you are interested in ordering a customising hat, I am more than happy to deliver those pieces there, please inquire from here. 

alpha beta gamma in Myrtle Bank, SA