Kid's straw hat for summer  "Ramona"
Kid's straw hat for summer  "Ramona"
Kid's straw hat for summer  "Ramona"
Kid's straw hat for summer  "Ramona"

Kid's straw hat for summer "Ramona"

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A bonnet style straw hats for kids.
An elastic band is attached for not to be flown away.

Size S 48cm~50cm for age 18month to 4 yr
Size M 50cm~52cm for age 3-7 yr

hight about 10cm
width of the brim 8cm in front, 3cm in the back

Please choose the ribbon color from nautical, white, and black. 

Ready to be shipped in 1-2 weeks.

These hats are made with the highest quality standards by Japanese craftsmanship. I would like to preserve the classic technique of hat-making, as it is disappearing in our world due to mass production.

We ship by sea to the US and Australia for free, which takes 2 months to deliver. If you would like faster delivery, simply upgrade your shipping at the cart.
We ship by DHL, it will take 5-7 days.

Ready to ship other countries by EMS(Express International Postal service) from Japan. 5-7 days to Canada. 2-3 days to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. 7-14 days to Europe, and others.

Please understand before ordering Grosgrain’s hats, these straw hats are made of hand-woven natural straw, and all the pieces are crafted uniquely. Natural straw usually has slight colour difference among them, as well as slight unevenness. I hope you would enjoy the characteristic of hand-crafted hats, using natural materials.

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