Important Update of the shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe

Last updated on 11th March

To most of the countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, we are unable to ship it by postal service from Japan at the moment, 2022 March)  due to the lack of air flights under the war situation and the Covid restrictions.  Therefore we will ship by DHL or sea. DHL requires a higher shipping fee (please upgrade your shipping to Express when you check out), while shipping by sea takes 2 months or longer.  I will check and confirm the shipping once you place the order. Some of the hats we have stocks in Australia therefore I can ship from here.


Last updated on 5th March

Currently, we are unable to ship wide-brimmed hats and hat boxes from Japan to Australia and Canada by Air due to the restrictions. The only way available is to ship by sea, which takes up to 2 months or longer. We hope the restrictions will ease soon as more flights are coming from Japan, but we do not know when that will be yet.  

Some of the wide-brimmed hats are in stock in Australia, but not all. We do not stock any hat boxes in Australia, and we ship them from Japan. 

Please feel free to send us inquiries or messages if you are interested in a certain kind of hat and if we have stock in Australia.  

We can still ship berets and small-brimmed hats like Vivien by DHL to Australia and Canada. 

If you place an order from Australia or Canada, we will let you know before we ship it by sea and decide whether you cancel or kindly wait for two months. We will fully refund immediately if you do not prefer shipping by sea. So, please do not worry.

Sorry for this inconvenience.



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